Two Young Pitchers Passed Away Way Too Soon.......

SkipContributor ISeptember 3, 2009 reporter Tom Verducci had a terrific article on a couple of young minor league pitcher who passed away too soon. I felt like the story was very impowering and I wanted to share it with you writers here on Bleacher Report.

David Bachner and Greg Montalbano were a couple of young left handed pitchers who tragically passed away 10 days apart from each other last month. The young boys were never Major Leaguers but just like Verducci said in his " you should know their stories".

Greg Montalbano, that name might be familiar to some Red Sox fans out there. He was once the top pitching prospect for the Red Sox orginization. Much like a former Red Sox story Montalbano was tested for testicular cancer. This very brave young man went threw so many tumors and surgeries an estimated 16 or 17. He made it up to Double A ball where he would compete with the likes of Kevin Youkillis and Roy Halladay. Heck, he even met up with Jon Lester in 04 before Lester was diagnozed with his cancer. He even went to the same University as Carlos Pena of the Rays.

Pena and Youkillis both homered the night they found out that their good pal passed away. Both in their own little ways gave him a tribute, Pena would hold up a sign that night sayign " For You Monty" and Youkillis after his HR after crossing home plate raised his fingers to the sky.

Even though Greg passed away he would have been a good major leaguer in the minors he had posted a 9-3 mark with a 2.96 ERA before being named the Red Sox top pitching prospect.

David Bachner was a young 18 year old that was just playing in New Jersey, West Windsor-Plainsboro North Coast High School. He had gotten a scholarship to go pitch at Seton Hall. He had a little bit of a heart problem a mitral valve disorder. Steve Bachner said "but this is a manageable disorder and he passed his athletic stress tests with flying colors."

Then one day Rhonda Bachner found him unconscious in the bathroom and he passed away.

Doctors still don't know the reason of David's death.

He was a stud and deserved that scholarship he had posted a year for New Jersey histroy, 17-3, 1.50 ERA, 239 K's and his his senior year he had a 9-2 mark, 0.97 ERA and 125 K's.

These two guys passing away reminds all of us how not even athletes are superman and how we all need to care for each other.

I highly recommend you guys going to SI and reading this article.