TC's "Keys To The Game"....Yawn!

Todd CarltonContributor ISeptember 3, 2009

I recently wrote a blog concerning all the wonderful things about this time of year.  However I failed to mention the one thing that always gives me a good laugh and that is the ever famous "Key's to the game".  You see it before every game and before every season.  It is the answer to the question of "What will it take for us to win this game".

The idea behind the question is brilliant.  The person responding to the question is expected to gives us some juicy tidbit of information that no one else has.  What does Auburn have to do to beat Georgia?  Well Todd.....blah blah blah! Unfortunately the banter usually ends up with the same worthless drivel that pertains universally to every single team that has ever played a game. 

1. Ball Control

2. Control the line of scrimmage

3. Minimize penalties

4. Stay healthy

5. Establish the passing/running game

6. Control the tempo of the game

7. No turnovers

8. Get pressure on the quarterback


You find me someone who is answering that question on any given Saturday and I bet you that most, if not all answers come straight from that list.  How about next time you answer that question you just say this "To beat said team, we need to play smart fundamental football"