When Past Meets Present: The Matches I Would Want To See

Dynamite BillCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

Hello ladies and fellows. Have you ever imagined what it would have been like if WWE wrestlers of the past met the WWE wrestlers of the present?

In my article below you will see some matches I would like to see if something like that happened.

SO....lets get started!!!

Match Number One: Hulk Hogan vs John Cena

This one is the battle of two wrestlers that are crowd pullers and that have great mic skills.

Both Cena and Hulk have helped the company (merchandise sales, etc) but are not really good technical wrestlers.

In this match, John Cena would have had the upper hand in the whole match but at the end, Hogan would grab the victory after a Power-Slam on Cena.

Match Number Two: George "the Animal" Steele vs "the Animal" Batista in a street fight

Prepare for the fight of the animals!

Both of these superstars are what we can call beasts in the ring. In this match, Batista and Steele would have both used the weapons of this match, but at the end, Batista would get the victory by doing his second Batista Bomb on Steele.

Match Number Three : Demolition vs The Hardys vs Legion of Doom vs Y2Show Tag Team elimination match

The battle of four great tag teams!

Demolition (Ax and Smash), Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk), The Hardys (Jeff and Matt) and Y2Show (Big Show and Y2J).

Just imagine this four fantastic teams dominating in the ring. I believe the match would go up in this way:

Ax pins Matt Hardy

Road Warrior Animal pins Big Show

Road Warrior Hawk pins Smash, giving the victory to Legion of Doom!

Match Number Four: Giant Gonzalez vs The Great Khali vs Kane vs Yokozuna vs The Big Show vs Andre The Giant in an elimination match.

All get ready for the battle of giants!

Imagine six monsters, all of them weighting over 300 pounds, in the ring! Will the ring be able to hold them? I believe this is what the result will be:

Kane and Big Show double Choke-Slam Giant Gonzalez and Kane pins him.

Andre The Giant power-slams and pins Big Show.

Kane does a DDT on Khali and pins him.

Andre The Giant and Kane double team on Yokozuna and Kane pins him

Finally, Andre The Giant power-slams and pins Kane!

Your winner: the legendary Andre The Giant!

Match Number Five: Haku vs Rey Mysterio

A martial arts expert against one of the best high-flyers! This is gonna be good!

In this one, Haku would have gained the upper-hand during the match but, at the end, Rey Mysterio would have hit Haku with a 619 and then a Seated-Senton to gain victory!

Match Number Six: The Rock vs Kofi Kingston

I believe that those two would have made a great match.

The Rock is more experienced but Kofi is the new-talent. In this one, Kofi and Rock would have both gained the upper-hand from each other but, at the end, The Rock would have got the victory by making Kofi tap out.

Match Number Seven: Stone Cold vs CM Punk

This one is a match between one of my all-time favorites and my current favorite.

I believe that Stone Cold is awesome, but CM Punk soon is going to be one of the best.

In this one, CM Punk would have gained the upper-hand and he would have even hit Stone Cold with a GTS.

It would have seemed like CM Punk would have made the suprise, but at the end, Stone Cold would have made a Stunner and gained the victory.

Match Number Eight: Chris Jericho vs Bret "the Hitman" Hart  

Prepare for the fight of legends! "Y2J" Chris Jericho against the Hitman Hart! The battle of two of the best technical wrestlers!

I think that even though Jericho is really great, Bret Hart would have gained victory over Jericho, despite it being a really tight match.

Match Number Nine: Trish Stratus vs Chyna vs Moolah vs Melina in an elimination match

This one is gonna be a match of four of the best divas. I believe that it would have been as follow:

Moolah pins Melina.

Trish pins Moolah after Melina causes some distraction.

Chyna pins Trish.

Your winner: Chyna!

Main Event : Eliminaton match between Team Past and Team Present 

Team Past : Hogan, Rock, Austin, Bret Hart, and Andre the Giant

Team Present: Shawn Michaels, Y2J, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio

Ladies and gentleman, prepare for the main event, an elimination match between Team Past and Team Present. I believe it would have been as follow:

Andre the Giant power slams and pins Rey Mysterio (Past: Five, Present: Four)

Randy Orton hits Andre with an RKO and then Jericho pins Andre (Past: Four, Present: Four)

Shawn Michaels hits Hogan with a Sweet Chin Music, Triple H hits him with a Pedigree and then pins him (Past: Three, Present: Four)

Steve Austin hits Triple H with a Stunner, then pins him (Past: Three, Present: Three)

Chris Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on The Rock and makes him to tap out (Past: Two, Present: Three)

Bret Hart attacks Jericho from behind and then he pins him (Past: Two, Present: Two)

Randy Orton delivers the RKO on Bret Hart and he pins him (Past: One, Present: Two)

Stone Cold delivers the Stunner on Randy Orton and he pins Randy (Past: One, Present: One)

After a lot of punches and kicks, Shawn Michaels hits Austin with a Clothesline from Hell and then a Sweet Chin Music. Shawn pins Austin, giving Team Present victory.

Winner: Team Present survivor, Shawn Michaels.

Well that was all! Hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day :)


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