These Are The Days....

Todd CarltonContributor ISeptember 3, 2009

Here we are again in this wonderful time of year.  The smell of fall is lurking in the air, the days are seemingly shorter and shorter, and the anticipation "buzz" is encompassing everything surrounding you.....It's football time in the SEC! (Shamelessly stolen from Bobby Denton)

It is this time of the year that draws the best of out of all the united fans of each represented school.  It is a Thanksgiving of sorts before well, Thanksgiving.  It is a time of looking over your favorite teams schedule and optimistically pointing out how each game is in fact winnable!  Proudly proclaiming that "This is the year"!  It is this time of year where we begin to prepare for our tailgate, which will be much improved over last year.  It is the time of year that we buy anything new that has our team logo on it, maybe a new lucky shirt/hat/socks/underwear.  It is the time of year where you stop calling your friend that pulls for the enemy.  It is the time for preparing your child for their first experience on the campus you love.  It is the time of year where look forward to making your first trip back since graduating.  It is the time for hope and knowing.  It is the time Football in the SEC!

These are the days that we will long for six months from now, when the dust has settled and the new (or possibly old) champion is crowned.  These are the days....enjoy the season.