Western Michigan Broncos Trying to Tune Out Michigan Allegations

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Western Michigan Broncos Trying to Tune Out Michigan Allegations
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

At first, you'd think the Broncos wouldn't care much about any personal business that the Michigan team is going through. But how can you avoid the barrage of headlines about the Coach Rodriguez witch hunt?

"I just tell our guys, 'Just focus in on what we can do, what's important for us," Western Michigan Head Coach Bill Cubit said. "I tell the kids, 'We have no control over it, why even be fazed by it at all? Let's just go out there and make sure we do what we need to do.'"

You have to wonder though if the Broncos are even slightly curious whether the Wolverines will budge or will come out soft. At least I hope they do because they're going to be in for a surprise.

Cubit also chimed in on the recent allegations. "What bothers me a little is some of the national (analysts saying), 'Well, everybody does it.' No, no," Cubit said. "And I'm not saying (the Wolverines) do it, but (at) Stanford, (at) Missouri, we didn't do it. (At) Western Michigan we don't do it."

"Does Tim Hiller put in 20 hours per week?" Cubit asked, rhetorically. "No."
"You've got to put some extra time in," Cubit continued, talking mostly about quarterbacks. "But that's YOUR time, not something where you sit there with your coach."

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