Goals: The Top 10 Goals Of All Time

Goutham BabuCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

In every season a handful of players pull out something magical and score a goal that you didn't think was possible. Looking over the best goals from last season made me wonder, what would be the best goals ever scored?

Well I've done some research and this is what I've come up with:


10. Geoff Hurst for England against Germany in the World Cup final in 1966

As an Englishman I think this one can almost go up without saying any more. The goal that clinched the World Cup for England and secured our only international triumph to date has a special place for any football fan from the country where it was born.

When you combine the goal with the black and white footage and unforgettable commentary from Kenneth Wolstenholme you get a classic moment for English football and one that hasn't been replicated since.


9. Zinedine Zidane's left foot volley in the Champions League final in 2002

Volleying a ball that drops from a height is one of the hardest skills to pull off in football. To volley it with such power and accuracy on his weaker foot is why Zidane was such a special player.


8. Carlos Alberto for Brazil against Italy in the 1970 World Cup

The Brazil team of 1970 have often been thought of as one of the greatest teams of all time, with this goal one of their crowning glories. It is a brilliant team goal involving the whole team and when Carlos Alberto bursts out of nowhere to provide the finishing touch you have a moment of World Cup history.


7. Trevor Sinclair's bicycle kick for QPR in 1997

If volleying a ball was one of the hardest skills then an overhead kick must be the hardest skill to pull off. Sinclair's overhead kick is the best one I've ever seen, hit with precision off a pacey cross with flawless technique, it is simply an amazing goal.

6. Roberto Carlos' free kick for Brazil against France in 1997

Dubbed the banana kick, or the impossible goal the amount of swerve that Roberto Carlos managed with this kick is unreal. The flight of the ball completely fooled French keeper Fabian Barthez as kids all over the world spent the next day trying to replicate this jaw dropping piece of skill.


5. Tony Yeboah's volley against Liverpool

Another volley, and this is a special one. Seemingly from nothing Yeboah smashes the ball against the underside of the bar to beat David James from 25 yards. Yeboah would score a similar goal the next week before fading away. Still, if you're going to be remember for something you may as well be remembered for an outstanding goal.


4. Nayim against Arsenal in the Cup Winners Cup final

One of the first goals of its kind, Nayim's audacious lob fooled everyone, David Seaman included. The vision to spot the goalkeeper off his line combined with the perfect execution is what makes this goal so good. Add it to the fact that it is in a major European final and you have one of the best goals ever scored.

3. George Weah for AC Milan against Verona

This is an absolutely amazing goal. Picking the ball up inside his own penalty area Weah beats four players on his own while running the length of the pitch to score. One of the best goals of all time no one has ever come close to scoring anything like it since.


2. Marco Van Basten for Holland against the USSR in 1988

This is the best volley ever scored. Hit from an impossible angle it is still unbelievable to watch the ball fly in, it is hard to think that a volley will ever beat this.


1. Diego Maradona against England in 1986

No, not the handball that should have been disallowed. The other goal.

The one where Maradona beats five England players before calmly slotting the ball into the net. While not running as far as George Weah, Maradona didn't just use pace to beat players, but ghosted past world-class English players like they weren't there.

If there ever was a one man team it was this Argentina team, and Maradona was their driving force. An incredible player and this was his best goal.


Well these were my favourite goals of all time. There are a lot I've left out, but search for these on YouTube and you're sure to be amazed and please do leave a comment.


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