Willie and Crying

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Willie and Crying
Yesterday, in a pre-game press conference, Willie Randolph claimed the media was being 'hard on him' because he is a black manager.

Here we go...Days of Our Lives: Guest Starring Willie Randolph

Willie, suck up, and manage your team, don't say 'the media is mean to me because I am black'. Really Willie? You are actually going to go there? Don't you think it COULD be, could be, this is only a suggestion, the fact that your club is ONE GAME ABOVE .500 AND IN 4TH PLACE!?!?

So, in Willie's opinion, no other manager in New York has been criticized...nay, he said ONLY the black managers or coaches have been criticized. Willie brought up Herm Edwards, and Isiah Thomas, saying they didn't do too well and were run out of town.

Willie, I swear, by everything that I view baseball-holy, if you compare yourself to ISIAH THOMAS, I will punish you.

CRY ABOUT IT WILLIE! Seriously! Complain to the media all you want, about how they don't show 'the fiery side' of Willie Randolph, and how the SNY camera crew doesn't show when you are getting fired up. Do that. See how it works out.

Hint: IT WON'T!

You are being criticized for the job you are doing, not because you are black.

I seem to remember Joe Torre being pummled by the NY media in the 70's and early 80's, and I also seem to remember Bobby Valentine criticized towards the end of his Mets career...oh, and who can forget, ART HOWE, and how he was CHASTIZED by the NY Media when he wallowed in last place for two years...

What is the common element here?

It's that they were all managing LOSING ball clubs; and none of them were black

case closed, suck it up

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