Can John Cena Save Batista's Career?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2009

John Cena is definitely the most overrated superstar in the WWE. Likewise, Batista is definitely the second most overrated superstar in the WWE. If both rest under the same title, then why is a Batista vs Cena feud a good one for the WWE?

I'm sure a lot of us remember how good the SummerSlam encounter between these two was. I'm sure they can do it again too. What would make this feud really good though is finally seeing Dave Batista as a heel!

As a face, he is as stale as any wrestler in the WWE. As a heel, he's got some potential. I mean, its obvious his steroid built body already gives him an intimidation factor. Plus, in his Evolution days, the man was a human destroying machine.

Everyone who stepped into the ring with this man would fear him because of his size and strengh. And if they turn him heel now, they can have that again.

Cena is also a man that needs to go heel, but I believe heel or face, Cena will still be the same.

As we all know, there is suppose to be a Ted Dibiase Vs Randy Orton feud coming up in late November. The most popular rumors are that Orton will be dropping the title belt to Cena either at Breaking Point or Hell In A Cell. People say its also going to have to do with Dibiase somehow accidentally costing him the title, hence the Dibiase vs Orton feud.

That leaves John Cena open to feud with anyone. The most popular rumor is of course, Dave Batista.

With Batista coming off an injury, the WWE will have to be careful not to relive the SummerSlam aftermath. With the aftermath of course being both men getting injured. While Cena left right away, Batista was able to pull through for a while and wrestled with an injury. He surprisingly had a great match with Chris Jericho at Cyber Sunday. Then again, Jericho can make most people look good.

Moving on.

Despite Batista being injury prone because of his steroids(medical actually), the WWE has to be aware that he can get injured at any moment. If all goes well, I do believe the WWE can pull off a terrific feud with this.

Batista is not known for having nice, long performances. He's better known for having short quality matches that people won't forget (Undertaker Vs Batista, Cena Vs Batista). See what I mean, short, but good. 

Back in the day, he could put on great performances, but that was before he hit his bad years. Up to a point in 2007, he could still deliver. He had that amazing Steel Cage match with Edge, and of course, the Wrestlemania encounter with Taker. Also, another notable match was a Last Man Standing match with Undertaker where he speared him off the stage and everything collapse around them. That was the true highlight of the match.

Basically, Batista can be good at any time, but it has to be with the right person these days, and from what happened at SummerSlam, I believe John Cena is one of those people. I think it could go something like this...

After Randy Orton was screwed out of the title ( accidentally) by his Legacy members, they can start a beat down on Cena. Then Batista can come to the rescue clearing the ring of Legacy. Cena would get to his feet and offer his hand to Dave, but then Dave would stand there for a moment thinking about it and deliver a spinebuster instead. Followed by a monstrous Batista Bomb.

The next Monday Night Raw, John Cena can come out with the WWE Championship on his shoulder and ask Batista to come out and explain himself. Batista would come out telling Cena that he has returned and is ready to take back what is his (WWE Championship). This would once again end with Batista hitting the Batista Bomb on Cena.

Batista would then leave the ring being booed, which would slowly begin the change. Then in Cena's match, Batista would attack Cena with a chair. This would beat up Cena badly, and it would end with the Guest Host of Raw coming out and saying that Batista would get a match against Cena at the next PPV.

Then you could have Batista slowly turn heel by insulting the crowd, saying why he is the best, etc. He would then go from that boring old face everyone hates to that dominant heel that everyone is afraid of. 

Then you could have Cena retain a few times on PPV before finally having him drop the belt to Batista.

The key thing here is when Cena retains, have him retain by disqualification. Have Batista bring a chair into the match or have Batista walk out on Cena. When Batista finally wins, have it after a title to Cena's head or something like that. This would solidify Batista's spot as a heel. 

I do think this feud has promise. Cena can sometimes bring out a good wrestler in a guy. Batista has that wrestling talent in him, but at the risk of getting a big injury he tries to keep it safe. Despite Batista holding back that wrestling talent, I believe that this may help him rediscover how good he can actually be and he will hopefully enjoy it and stay good (wishful thinking).