A Wizard for "el Palau Blaugrana": Rubio Goes Barcelona!

Josep Vernet-RieraCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2009

After all the discussion and a flight to Badalona to try to convince Joventut DKV, the T'Wolves won't get their draft pick!

Barcelona has managed to sign Rubio on a six-year deal for a transfer fee of €3,5m!

After this deal, Ricky has become the most expensive player in European B-ball history!

The six-year deal includes a NBA bail-out clause only after the second year, at the time he'll be around 20 years old.

The youngster was presented two days ago in Barcelona and has already done a photo shoot with the jersey! Let's see if now people will believe in me!

Although preferring the NBA, Rubio said that the impossibility of paying the release clause made him consider European offers.

Even though Real Madrid presented the best offer, economically that is, Rubio preferred Barcelona and is even being accused by Villacampa (Joventud's President) of forcing the deal!

Now Rubio will fully concentrate on the Spanish training camp before the Eurobasketball competition starts.