Todd Duffee in the Fast Lane, but Is That Wise?

Ken FossAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2009


I remember while I was making my picks that Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague was a catch fight (in my lexicon that means I had to think about it for a while).

Todd Duffee was the up-and-comer who just straight put it on Assuerio Silva on short notice in Silva's backyard. Tim Hague was the Canadian teacher who could absorb punishment and somehow pull fights out of his backside.

The question was if Hague could absorb punishment then in the third find his notorious second wind and out heart Duffee?

Well...put that fight on the list of things I wish I could have seen at UFC 102, after Hague's "unorthodox" style finally caught up with him in a big way.

Now, Duffee has asked to be put on the Brock Lesnar fast track to super-stardom.

When I heard this I thought it was a good idea, as the UFC always seems to find itself with a shortage of heavyweights. (It wasn't that long ago that the late Justin Eilers fought for the title.)

Now that I've looked at the numbers, I have to think that Todd Duffee may want to slow his roll. Here's the list of fighters that I think have been "put on the fast track."

  • Paulo Thiago (L Jon Fitch)

  • Brock Lesnar (L Frank Mir)

  • GSP (L Matt Hughes)

  • Frank Mir (L Ian Freeman he was supposed to get a title shot following the mopping of the floor with Freeman)

  • Jake O'Brien (lost three of last four since beating Heath Herring)

  • Martin Kampmann (TBD doesn't look good)

  • Anderson Silva (W Rich Franklin)

As you can see, it can be pretty hit or miss. Sure, four former or current UFC champions are on that list, but in their first "fast track fight" they could only muster a single win in six attempts. It doesn't exactly pay to rush a developing young fighter up the ladder.

Todd Duffee should be excited; he should think he's going to be the next big thing. Dana White and Joe Silva need to be the ones to rein the big man back in.

Two more fights against Pat Berry or Antoni Hardonk aren't going to hurt his upward momentum at all. In fact, it gives the UFC time to sort out the log jam of current UFC contenders. 

So I know his tuna melt fund might still be a little shallow, but in the interest of his short-term success it may be wise if he looks to get at least a few more fights under his belt, rather than a small amount of top tier fights with guys like Gabriel Gonzaga or Cain Velasquez.

But all of this is moot. Dana White greenlit the idea, if a little tepidly, at the post event presser.

So I hope you're ready for the spotlight, Todd. Just know the numbers are against you.