Kirk Herbstreit Says Rich Rodriguez Allegations an "Absolute Joke"

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2009

On SportsCenter, Kirk Herbstreit didn't hesitate to make his views known:

"I think that it's a bit of a witch hunt."

"It's pretty easy to select a group of people to find that can turn their back on Rich Rodriguez after a 3-9 year."

"It's easy to pick on a guy...after the worst year in school history."

"I find this really insulting to everything that Rich Rodriguez and everything that he and his training staff have stood for."

Limits are exceeded "across the board."

"It's very well-known [in top-25 programs] that if you are a player and you want to start, then you have to put in more time than the NCAA suggests."

"Whatever it is, you need to get your tail over to the facility and put in the work if you want to start."

"Almost all of them have bought in, but you're going to talk to guys that have graduated, who were in the Lloyd Carr regime, or players that have transferred, obviously they're going to take some shots after a 3-9 year."