Buffalo Bills' Coaches Not Fooling Themselves with Leodis McKelvin

TJ CrellyContributor IMay 21, 2008

As reported at Buffalobills.com, the Bills' coaching staff has already given Leodis McKelvin starting reps at the nickle and outside position.

As viewed by many experts as the top corner in this years draft, McKelvin has the chance to step into the Bills' starting line up and do something special for the young, up-and-coming team.

I feel McKelvin has the skill set and the mentality to come in and contribute this year, and apparently the Bills' coaching staff feels the same way.

Sometimes coaches start the rookies off at the bottom no matter how good they are—I think that is wrong.

The coaches recognized his skills and aren't pulling the wool over their own eyes by saying the rookies haven't proved anything yet. If they hadn't proven anything, then they wouldn't have been drafted that high.

Giving McKelvin starting reps is only going to make him more prepared for the up-and-coming season.

Chris Brown has reported that the new addition to the defense has already had great coverage in this years OTA's. Now, it is only the OTA's, but he is going against players that have been in the league for a while.

The Bills really think that he has the great skills—quick feet, a great burst, power, and a hard hitting mentality (somewhat like Whitner's)—to become a top flight corner in this league.  This isn't even mentioning his elite returning ability. 

Now maybe I'm the only one in town that gets this happy over just OTA's, but I'd like to think that others are as much of Bills freaks as I am.

All the best to you fellow Bills fans and let me know what you think.