Five Thoughts on Officiating

Christian WindhamCorrespondent IMay 21, 2008

Thoughts on Officiating

  • The Sport with the best officiating has to be the NFL. With the technology now it's hard not to make the right call.
  • The worst officiating sport has to be the NBA. They can't call a foul when they see one. 
  • The changes that can be made to improve the quality of officiating in sports/leagues is that the leagues just need to set the bar. There should never be a bad call. The refs have one job and that's to make the right call by all means, for which the rules apply. Technology, every sport should have instant replay, for them to go back and make the correct call. 
  • The easiest sport to officiate has to be MLB. If anybody disagrees let me know. The hardest sport to officiate has to be hockey, they are underpaid and they're on ice.
  • The sport that officials play the greatest role in determining the outcome of a game has to be the NFL. That's why it's the way it is because every play and ever second determines what happens.