"Open-Mic" on Officiating

Zach MartinCorrespondent IMay 21, 2008

Here are my thought on Officiating:

  • Which sport has the best officiating? Which has the worst? The best to me is baseball. The worst is basketball.



  • What changes can be made to improve the quality of officiating in sports/leagues that aren't making the cut? At least make it fair and go both ways.



  • Which sports are the easiest and hardest to officiate? The easiest football. Hardest is basketball.



  • In which sport do officials play the greatest role in determining the outcome of a game? Baseball because maybe that one call could give a team a win or a loss.
  • Who are the best and worst officials in the sport you’re writing about? Worst official: Eric Gregg's wide strike zone
    Umpire Eric Gregg rings up Fred McGriff to end Game 5 of the 1997 NLCS on a pitch from Livan Hernandez that appears to be a foot outside. The Marlins beat the Braves in the series and go on to win the World Series.