BYU vs OU – By the Numbers

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 1, 2009

2008 National Rankings
Team Rushing:
OU – #20 averaging 198 yds/game
BYU – #70 averaging 135 yds/game

Rush Defense:
OU – #20; 116 yds/game
BYU – #60; 140 yds/game

2009 Edge: OU
This will be a good match up but I have to give the edge to OU because offensively both teams will be sporting new OL, but BYU’s is a lot younger with less experience. BYU really struggled against the run last year and with all the same players in the game and a thinner D Line, I don’t see a lot of change happening as far as run stopping ability.

Good news for BYU, we have Manase back at Fullback which adds a whole new dimension to the run game that we did not have last year.

Team Passing:
OU – #3; 350 yds/game
BYU – #6; 310 yds/game

Pass Defense:
OU – #99; 251 yds/game
BYU – #74; 215 yds/game

2009 Edge: BYU
OU has a very serious threat in QB Sam Bradford and TE Jermaine Gresham. They are a lethal combo to say the least. However, BYU faces TE’s Andrew George and Dennis Pitta in practice every day and that should prepare them for Gresham. On the receiving end of Max Hall’s passes we have plenty of threats. The big question will be if Max worked on spreading the ball around in the off-season or not. We will have a good idea after the first couple series.

Defensively OU was not as weak as the statistics show…keep in mind that they were in a conference with 5 of the top 10 passing offenses. However because BYU runs inside they will have to pack the box to stop us which should leave some quick hitting passes on the outside to our TE and Slot.

Word on the street is that we have adjusted our coverages a little this year to play to our strengths. I am excited to see these changes in action in Dallas.

Team Scoring:
OU – #1; 51 points/game
BYU – #26; 35

Scoring Defense:
OU – #58; 24 points/game
BYU – #39; 21 points/game

2009 Edge: In the only stat that matters at the end of the game I have to go with my heart and say BYU of course!

I hope our players are watching a lot of TCU v OU film. We match up well with TCU year in and year out and TCU matches up with OU well…so ipso facto, we match with OU and this will be a knock down, drag out fight, but Cougars always prevail! What our players will learn from that film of TCU is that if you play assignment sound (ie: don’t give up 5 TD’s on plays of 50+ yds) then we win the game. OU will try and beat us with the big plays and if we are not sound and disciplined they will beat us with those plays. We need to play mature, disciplined, assignment football and there will be a Blue and White party in Dallas.

-Markell Staffieri