A Call to Arms: Liddell Vs. Griffin

Harold RussellContributor ISeptember 1, 2009

"Dancing with the Stars" Chuck?  Perhaps newly signed Frank Trigg will surrender his nickname of "twinkle toes" to you.  The once menacing mohawked mma messiah of men has officially turned in his man card to Dana White.

First time author of "Got Fight?" and TUF 1 winner Forrest Griffin also relinquished his once gold laminated man card the evening of August 8th at UFC 101. Now, there is no shame in losing to P4P kingpin Anderson Silva - but falling to the canvas on a back peddling jab and then sprinting out of the arena to chants of "ruuuun Forrest...ruuuunn" is. 

No hardcore MMA fan wants to feel this way about either Chuck or Forrest.  These are real men.  Men's men.  Men built in the mold of King Leonidas fearless in his fight of the Persians at Thermopylae.  Make this fight happen Dana White & Joe Silva.

We need these guys.  The world is full of too many wanna be's.  Randy Couture can not fill these shoes alone much longer.  So, I ask the fans to help make Chuck Liddell VS. Forrest Griffin happen.  New Year's Eve sounds about right.  Please Dana, please make this fight happen (Doing my best GSP knee drop impersonation as I type).

Chuck wins, Forrest wins - it won't matter - we all win.  Chuck's over the hill, Forrest is running down the hill - doesn't matter.  Chuck can't take a punch, Forrest hits softly but carries a big PPV stick.  TUF1 Season coach/mentor vs. student.  Two big names puts peeps in the seats.  Everyone wins in this match up. 

Who's with me?  It's a call to arms.