Didier Drogba Finished?: Chelsea Pays the Price for His Penalty, Loses CL Final

Martin HillCorrespondent IMay 21, 2008

How does Didier Drogba face his Chelsea teammates in the days to come?

Quite simply, he doesn't. Milan, here he comes!

In today's game you cannot strike an opponent in the face—regardless of how pathetic the tap may be! And even more during the biggest club game of the season.

Having hinted on so many occasions in the run up to this big game that his future may lie away from Stamford Bridge, is it fitting he will leave with a graceful walk of shame?

Now, I agree Drogba has done some great things during his career for Chelsea and how different would things have been had his shot drifted inside the post. But nevertheless, was he right to comment on his 'inevitable' Chelsea-less future on the eve of the club's biggest game?

Drogba should stand up and admit he was wrong—though I'm sure, as always, he will find somebody else to blame. Perhaps he could take a leaf out of John Terry's book and attempt to be the 'bigger man.'

I felt nothing but admiration for JT as he stepped up to take the most important penalty of Chelsea's history. But would it have been him with Drogba still on the field? One thinks not!