Down the Stretch: Who Will Take the AL Central?

Jimmy Mohler@@JimmyMohlerBRContributor IIISeptember 1, 2009

At this point, the AL Central is "arguably" a two team race. It seems everybody has written off the White Sox, and maybe they should: the Sox have dropped seven of their last eight to fall six games out of first place. But who's going to take the division?

Right now, it's a total toss up. One would be inclined to say the Tigers, based on their three-and-a-half game lead, should take the division, but the Twins already trimmed off three since the beginning of the month. The Tigers and Twins both play a majority of sub .500 teams throughout the rest of the season, but the two teams play each other seven more times.

Therein lies the key. If the Twins are going to win this division, they'll need at least a winning record against Detroit in the final seven, if not a 5-2 or 6-1 mark. The Tigers are in better position; they only need to keep pace with the surging Twins. But as always, that's easier said than done. 

The winner of this division may be decided at the end of September, with a four game series in Detroit. If it's tight until then, we can expect to see a glorious shootout for the division title. 

As a Twins fan, I want them to win. As a writer and avid baseball follower, I think they will. The Twins have a slightly easier schedule from here on out. If they continue playing good baseball as they've done the past couple weeks, the Twins should be able to squeak by the Tigers; but only if they can muster up some convincing road wins in Detroit.