Darren McFadden Officially Changes Name to McMillion

Marc TejedaContributor IMay 21, 2008

Thank God for the Atlanta Falcons?

I guess that depends on who's saying it.  If you're Al Davis, you're probably damning them to that place south of the floor that's supposed to be intolerably hot.  If you're Darren McFadden, you're thanking the Atlanta Falcons for making your trip to California as promising as the Gold Rush of 1848.  If you're a Raider fan, you're probably thinking: Oh no! Not again!

With Atlanta's generosity totalling $34 million in guaranteed money, they've just set the stage for another potential hold out involving an Oakland Raiders rookie. Just last season, JaMarcus Russell held out for the entire preseason and week one of the regular season before signing a contract similar to his description earlier this off-season: FAT.  Now, with McFadden at the negotiating table, it's safe to assume that he'll be expecting something similar to the 3rd Overall pick.

For all the hype and hoopla that McFadden caused with his performance at the Rookie Mini-camp two weeks ago, this sure does put a damper on the good spirits the Raider Nation was in. The prospect of not having McFadden in camp probably makes many in the Nation cringe after having wasted last season with Russell learning from a clipboard.

Before Matt Ryan's $70+ million, 6-year deal, McFadden stated that holding out was not in his plans.  Could it be that those plans are going to change?  For the sake of the Raiders season, let's hope not.