A Letter to Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders' Bad Luck Charm

Jeff LeetsCorrespondent IMay 21, 2008

Dear Al,

Why is it necessary for you to anger everyone in the league?  If you could refrain from doing that then maybe, just maybe the entire league and world will stop conspiring against us. As it is we have to deal with no calls, bad calls but the worst of them all was the snow job call. Was his hand going forward? Was it coming back?  Who knows? 

What is clear is the league had a chance to stick it to the Raiders and they did.  Quickly. Efficiently. Please go away Al. Please go away quickly. Nothing will change while you are here. I have heard rumors that Hitler himself has been embarrassed by some of the moves you have made. Oakland, LA......why not Poland, Al?  Go away. Let this team breathe. Let it live. The worst call in the history of the NFL, well to Raider Fans anyway, was called because of you. 


The Raider Nation