Guide Book: Who The Yankees Should Get And Drop This Offseason

Shanan H.Analyst IAugust 31, 2009

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  Hedeki Matsui of the New York Yankees is at bat during an inter-squad game on February 24, 2003 at Legends Field in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

With many New York Yankees contracts ending this year, and a full free agent market, it should be a busy offseason for the Yankees.

First off, let's look at who's contracts expire:

Jose Molina, C, 35 years old:  Drop off.  Yankee fans, let's get a better back up catcher. 

Hideki Matusi, OF, 36:  I will miss him, but drop off.  I will miss his funky arm movements while at bat, his timely clutch hitting, everything.  But, he's much too old.  Bye bye, Godzilla!  

Eric Hinske:  OF, 32:  Drop off:  If the Yankees can't find a backup, then they can bring back Damon or Matsui. 

Xavier Nady, 31, OF:  Keep on:  Although he's injured too often, he is a great backup!

Johnny Damon, OF, 36:  Drop off:  I still think he's not playing his hardest and is a Red Sox at his heart.  And, he get's injured too much.

Andy Pettitte:  SP, 38:  Drop off:  I kind of hope he retires, because I have had enough of him.  The wealthy Yankees can do better than this 38-year-old.

Alright, so we know who's staying and who's going, but what holes must the Yankees fill?  In my opinion, they need at least one good starter, and one mediocre starter.  Also, they will need to replenish their outfield.

My recommendation?

For starters, stay away from Matt Holiday...he has proved on the A's and Cardinals he is definately an NL hitter, not an AL hitter.  He will do worse than Matsui on the Yankees.

They could also use another reliever, and should boost their bench.

Who to get:

Jason Bay:  Yes, it's like Johnny Damon, but who wants to face a team with A-rod, Tiexera, and Bay.

Carl Crawford:  As a leadoff hitter, so Jeter can be where he belongs, the two spot.

Endy Chavez:  For a backup.  Great speed and fielding, not to mention he might hit .300.

Miguel Olivo:  As a backup to Posada.

Chone Figgins:  This versitile guy solidifies the bench.

Justin Duchscherer:  Now, it stinks to face the Yankees!

Jarrod Washburn:  To fill Pettite's void. 

Mike Gonzalez:  He fills the 'pen.

Now the Yankee's line-up and pitching rotation looks like this:

LF:  Carl Crawford

SS:  Derek Jeter


1B:  Mark Tiexiera

3B:  A-Rod

DH:  Jason Bay

2B:  Robinson Cano

RF:  Nick Swisher

C:  Jorge Posada

CF:  Melky Cabrera


SP:  C.C Sabathia

SP:  A.J. Burnett

SP:  Joba Chamberlain

SP:  Justin Duchscherer

SP:  Jarrod Washburn

RP:  Mike Wilson

RP:  Phil Hughes

CP:  Who but?  Mariano Rivera