Who's to Blame for All the Mets' Injuries This Season?

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIAugust 31, 2009

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - MARCH 7:  General Manager Omar Minaya of the New York Mets before a game with the Atlanta Braves during MLB Spring Training on March 7, 2005 at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Week after week, the New York Mets DL seemed to keep growing.  It is bad enough for a team to lose players, but it's even worse for a team to lose their core for an extended period of time.

Some say that the Mets were just unlucky and that may be true, but some fingers must be pointed.  

Note: This article is not meant to bash anyone in the New York Mets organization.  It is meant to explore the possibilities and hear other people's opinions on this topic.


The Players

Just take a look at the Mets DL and those are all the players that I am talking about.  Some players couldn't prevent the reason they landed on the DL, but it seems that if some players conditioned themselves better then they might not have got injured.

The off-season is a time for rest, but I believe that players should exercise even if it's only for 30 minutes a day.  Players are getting paid the big bucks to be on the field playing the game of baseball. 

They should at least do stretches to keep their muscles loose during the off-season.  Just do something to stay in shape.  Laziness is not good and it can affect your team's season.

I am pretty sure that this off-season many players are going to wake up and stretch, and also stretch before they hit the hay.  That's how it should be.


The World Baseball Classic

I enjoyed the WBC this year, but there are a whole lot of problems I have with it.  One of the biggest problems is that they are rushing players into playing competitive baseball.

They might look good on the field, but when it comes to late April, you begin to see the effects that it has on the unprepared players. 

This problem has to be fixed, because as we see, it can ruin a team's season.  When the next WBC comes, I believe that it should be mandatory to work pretty hard to get yourself in shape.


The Training Staff

The training staff's job is to keep the players in shape, especially the star players.  It looks like the trainers didn't do such a good job this season.

Injuries happen for every team, in every sport, but definitely not like the Mets have experienced.  Injuries are a part of the game, and that's why there are such things as training staffs. 

Next year, if there's not a whole new training staff for the Mets then somebody better tell them to actually condition the players.


Jerry Manuel

I'm not Jerry's biggest critic, but there are some problems I have with him.  I love to see team's work hard in spring training, but there comes a time where you have to give it a rest. 

Tossing 80 straight curve balls in the heat of Port St. Lucie, Fla., isn't exactly the smartest thing.  All that would do is help the team hit balls to the opposite field before they land on the DL and that would be soon.


The Management

It is not the management's fault for the injuries, but the way they handled them was atrocious.  They also didn't prepare for anything like this.

You might be saying, how do you prepare for that amount of injuries to core players?  Depth.  That's the answer, teams such as the Rangers suffered a good amount of injuries, but the reason that they are still in contention is because they have depth.

They bring in players that win.  The Mets are bringing in career minor-leaguers and other unestablished players.

A big part of the Mets off-season should be acquiring some good back up players and also some solid back ups for the back ups.  Kind of like a third string.


It might not be any of these people's faults, and the Mets just got unlucky.  If that's the case, then God is not a fan of the 2009 Mets.  Let's hope He changes his mind in 2010.