Mizzou Cuts Ties with Promising Frosh QB

David SingletonCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2009

Having spent a good deal of time drinking in Columbia, MO (much of it underage), I consider myself fortunate to have had the common sense to not get caught.

Then again, I wasn't a freshman vying for the backup QB spot.

After Blaine Dalton's second arrest on Friday morning, head coach Gary Pinkel swiftly dropped the hammer, booting Dalton from the team.

Again, Dalton was suspended after the first incident in April, where he managed to avoid being charged with drug possession because of 10 Hydrocodone pills that were found in his car.

Dalton was forced to surrender his driver's license as part of his sentence for the minor in possession he was charged with.

So, you're a freshman QB. You've had your license suspended and been suspended from the team for a minor in possession and traffic violations.

Why would you think that it's a good idea to get behind the wheel (after having had a few drinks) and think you can drive home?

Especially when you don't have a license!

It's simply inconceivable.