Ted Dibiase Vs Randy Orton, Is Anyone "That" Excited?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IAugust 31, 2009

Hey it's Svyato with a new article. As we all must've heard by now that there is going to be a Ted Dibiase Vs Randy Orton feud. This feud is suppose to go down some time in late November. The same time as Dibiase's DVD gets released. So Vince saw an oppurtunity to make him a face and he's gonna do it.

There has been some small build up to Ted Dibiase exiting Legacy. When Ted Dibiase Sr. was hosting Raw he made the match up of Randy Orton Vs Ted Dibiase. Even in the locker room there was some heat between Ted and Randy. I think the WWE are building this up quietly yet in a big way. With Dusty Rhodes as the host this Raw I think he shall play a part in that too. Plus does anyone remember that Randy did punt Dibiase in the first place? I think that shall play into the storyline too.

The big question I have though is, Does this really make anyone really scream for the feud? Does it seriously make you "that" excited? Sure it looks like a feud with potential, but it's not a feud that would really get me. It looks like a feud that could get some attention, but not a feud that would leave me wanting more every time.

If you compare this to Evolution, Ted Dibiase resembles Randy Orton, no doubt. He's the "chosen one" who will turn face and take the title from the leader, who hapenns to be Orton at the time. Kinda weird isn't it? Orton was the chosen one in Evolution. And now that he has his own stable he can go through what Triple H went through. Oh I love irony.

The exit from the group for Ted will be different though. I mean I do not think you are going to have a storyline with Ted Dibiase stealing the title from Cena or something. In fact there might not even be a title involved at all. It all depends on how much money Vince wants to earn. If he wants the money he will make the kiddies champ, John Cena the WWE champion. If not I think he will keep Orton champ.

I think it would look better though if Ted Dibiase took the title of Randy though. That's more of a stab in the back rather than having him just beat Randy. As we all know there is nothing more important to Randy Orton that his WWE Championship. And if his own Legacy member betrayed him and took what is most important to him it makes for a way better storyline.

I think since it's in late November you could have a Survivor Series match with it being Team Orton Vs Team Dibiase. That would also help the build up to Rhodes exiting from the group. With Dibiase on one side and Orton on the other it would put Cody in a tough situation. He and Dibiase have been together since Cody betrayed his tag partner at Night of Champions 2008 and joined Ted Dibiase to win the tag titles. Then again, Randy Orton is Cody's leader, he is the one that showed him the path to success and gave him a shot at greatness. Cody would though remain undecide and not join either team.

You could Orton win the encounters leading up to Wrestlemania and then at Wrestlemania have Ted Dibiase shock the World by winning the WWE title. Then have him retain it a few times then you have had a great feud.

This feud has the potential to be something big, but that is if Vince doesn't screw it up. Ssdly knowing Vince he probably will. Despite that I will be waiting to see how this feud will turn out. Hopefully it'll be good.