Dallas Cowboys Lose, but Learn at Preseason Game One

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Dallas Cowboys Lose, but Learn at Preseason Game One
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I didn’t watch the game. I was spending time with two buddies whose interests are not those that relate to a pigskin ball.

However, we are in the day and age where TiVo exists and I recorded the game in its entirety.

And I did what some of my colleagues do not do. I watched three hours worth of film.

Stats are facts written on a piece a paper that tell one the end result of a certain play. Basically like a plot summary of a movie that you find on its back cover.

When David Tyree made the most amazing catch in Super Bowl history, a statbook will tell you if the catch made a first down or how many yards were gained.

However, film tells a story, and the film will portray how awkwardly the ball was held against his head, and how it almost touched the ground or how Rodney Harrison, the safety, could have taken it away.

I don’t know about the majority, but I prefer film because I can eat some popcorn while watching.

Now…I’m going to tell you, the fans, what I saw from the film and give you my analysis of what Dallas learned thus far.

Want more? Check it out at http://www.nfltouchdown.com/dallas-loses-but-learns-at-preseason-game-1/

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