For Yankee Ace, K's Have Finally Arrived.

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIAugust 31, 2009

When the New York Yankees signed CC Sabathia he was advertised as a innings eater and a strikeout pitcher. Well in the beginning of his season he wasn't really a strikeout pitcher.

In fact he didn't have a double digit strikeout game untill a start on 8/13/2009 when he punched out 10 in 8.0 innings.

Why are strikeouts important? Well just imagine this, Game 7 of the ALCS CC is pitching 7th inning bases loaded and 0 outs in a tie ball game. And there you have Kevin Youkillis, Big Papi and Victor Martinez coming up to bat. You can't give up a run because the Boston pen is way too good. So naturally you need to be able to rear back to K at least 2 batters.

Perhaps CC was just trying to reinvent himself and go into extra innings ( lol ). Well that wasn't working out so great because he wasn't living up to the contract and he was just another pitcher.

Well whether he has reverted back to his old ways or he loves Pennant races in CC's last 5 starts he has K'd at least 8 batters with two double strikeout performances.

And as a fan lets be honest its more entertaining seeing a big strikeout then a flyball out.

The entire Yankee staff seems to be clicking, heck even a guy like Andy Petitte in his last 8 starts has 6 performances of 6 K's or more.

And those K's are big in the Post Season