10 Reasons Why Brett Favre is Coming Back

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 21, 2008

10. Needs an excuse not to go to church on Sunday.

9. Afraid the Madden curse will hit him off the football field (deadly).

8. He is still hoping there will be a There's Something About Mary 2 movie.

7. His kids run away when he throws the ball at them.

6. Playing a boom box and walking out the front door isn't the same as the tunnel.

5. No where else can he carry around another man and have it not be weird.

4. He wants that kid from Conn. to put his jersey back on.

3. He wants more babies named after him.

2. Afraid John Madden will try to "hang out" with him.

1. He thinks it would be funny to play through Rodgers career.