ADP Watch: Falling Fantasy Football Quarterbacks (8/29)

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IAugust 30, 2009

DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 15: Quarterback Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions passes the football against the Atlanta Falcons at Ford Field on August 15, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions defeated the Falcons 27-26. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Now that there’s a couple of preseason weeks done, it’s time to take a look at the top rising and falling quarterbacks in standard scoring drafts. For this we will be using the Average Draft Position (ADP) from standard ESPN live drafts from the last week.

A few days ago we covered the quarterbacks that have boosted their ADP due to solid play or being named the starter but now it’s time to look at this signal callers that are dropping on fantasy football draft day.

For example, guys like Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions (-22.4) and Brady Quinn of the Cleveland Browns (-18.9) have been hurt by poor preseason performances and seen a decline in their draft position. Thus, below are the top five ADP fallers at the quarterback position from the dates of August 20 to August 27.

1. Matt Stafford (Detroit Lions)—In week two of the preseason Stafford was given the chance to start and he’s probably wishing he could have a do-over. In his start Stafford was 5-for-13 for just 34 yards with one interception and no touchdowns. That has seen his ADP fall considerably (-22.4 ADP) though it should never been that high in the first place.

In fact, it’s a little surprising to see Stafford be drafted at all in standard leagues. He’s a rookie quarterback who’s not going to start until much later in the season. The fact is there’s so many more quarterbacks that would be better backups in standard leagues than Stafford, even when he does get his chance to start.

2. Brady Quinn (Cleveland Browns)—After a solid performance in his start during the first week of the preseason, Quinn was relegated to backup duties for the second week game against Detroit.

Derek Anderson got the start and made the most of his performance as he went 8-for-13 for 130 yards with one interception and no touchdowns.

Quinn was just 3-for-5 before being pulled for Brett Ratliff, and that has seen Quinn’s ADP (-18.9) fall considerably. Still, we think that Quinn will be the starter for week one of the regular season. He’s a better fit for the offense because he’s more accurate on short and intermediate passes. Anderson can throw the deep ball, but what does it matter if Braylon Edwards can’t catch?

3. Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles)—Considering that Vick hasn’t played since 2006 and he’ll be entering the season as a backup, it’s surprising that he was being drafted at all in standard leagues even before he saw action for the first time in an Eagles uniform.

After a huge surge on the ADP risers list once Vick was reinstated to the NFL his ADP has come back down to reality. Even when he did play Vick wasn’t a top fantasy football quarterback, and all that time off certainly didn’t help his game.

Perhaps after all of this is why his ADP (-12.3) has fallen so much. Should something happen to Donovan McNabb and Vick gets to start, he does have some value as a backup but there are certainly better and more reliable options out there.

4. Trent Edwards (Buffalo Bills)—Having played so inconsistently in his three preseason games, Edwards’ value has fluctuated greatly. After his most recent performance, where he completed 7-of-11 passes for just 45 yards with an interception, Edwards ADP has fallen (-5.7) though with a solid performance in his next game it could rise back to where it was.

It should be noted that Edwards hasn’t had his top target in receiver Terrell Owens to throw to the past two games and yet has still completed 80.9 percent of his passes. As he continues to pick up the new offense he should get better so keep your eye on Edwards.

5. JaMarcus Russell (Oakland Raiders)—Russell really has played pretty solid this preseason as he’s completed 65 percent of his passes for one touchdown and no interceptions.

But it seems fantasy football owners remember how inconsistent Russell has been over the last two years as his ADP has fallen (-5.4) despite good showings in the preseason. Russell’s value isn’t too high to begin with as, in addition to his consistency issues, he’s got a poor receiving corps to throw to and a bad offensive line in front of him.