Andy Roddick -Birthday boy and US Open favorite?

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IAugust 30, 2009

From Necessary Roughness 

Andy Roddick has not won a major since the summer of 2003 (US Open). After winning that US Open, he was thought to be the next American Star, and take the torch from Agassi and Sampras.


Things have not gone according to plan.

Since then he has become unlikable, whinny, injury prone and mediocre. He only made it to 3 major finals (all Wimbledon), has struggled to make it out of the first week at the US Open, and has continued to struggle at the French.

He has been tough to root for given his on court behavior and constant excuses for poor performances.

This year has been much better for him and he has become "likable" again as implied in his Sunday Conversation on ESPN.
In 2009 - he married Brooklyn Decker (cheap mention as an excuse to put a picture of her in this article), hired new coach Larry Stefanki, who has trained a series of classic players such as John McEnroe, Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Tim Hennman, just to name a few - and has reached the semi finals of the Australian Open and the Finals at Wimbledon.

Its the finals at Wimbledon this past July, which he lost, that put him back in spotlight of the Tennis world.

He played in a classic five set match which ranked as the longest match ever played at Wimbledon, set a record for most games won in a Wimbledon final with 39, and showed that he can play with the best, Roger Federer.

He also had the entire stadium chanting his name after the loss in honor of his amazing performance. Roddick managed to keep his cool, unlike we have seen in the past, and played a flawless match. He held his serve until the end of the fifth set tie breaker, and in the end, just lost to a man who is going to be the best player ever.

On the strength of this performance, he has returned to a Top 5 ranking.

Entering this weeks US Open, he is ranked 5th and many, including John McEnroe, say he is one of the favorites to win, even over Roger Federer.

There are those who think Roger may not be as hungry or focused given that his wife recently gave birth to twins (Roger has been dominating opponents at smaller tournaments since the birth of his twins so its unlikely that this will be true).

Andy Roddick will have to stay hungry and focused in order to beat the likes of Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and of course Roger Federer.

So here's to hoping that he starts off his 28th year (today, August 30th, is his 27th birthday) with a solid performance, and hopefully a second US Open Championship!