Are Injuries a Valid Excuse for the New York Mets' Dreadful Season?

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Are Injuries a Valid Excuse for the New York Mets' Dreadful Season?
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What could have been?  The 2009 New York Mets seemed like such a promising team.  Many picked them to win it all, and many were wrong.

Coming off of two of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history (2007,2008) the Mets were determined to get back to the playoffs.

The Mets' main focus in the offseason was fixing up their bullpen.  They signed, Frankie Rodriguez and traded for JJ Putz and Sean Green.  Those three relievers supposedly revamped the bullpen. 

One of those guys would fall victim to injury like so many others on the New York Mets.  JJ Putz, "The great set up man" went down and hasn't got up.  It looks like Putz is out for the season. 

With Putz gone Frankie Rodriguez's job got a little tougher, but at least he stayed healthy (knock on wood).  Sean Green is putting up a solid season for the Mets and he is one of the reasons along with K-Rod, that the Mets' bullpen is one of the few bright spots on the team.

You may think I write like a broken typewriter, but here is the Met ever growing disabled list.  Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, David Wright, JJ Putz, Oliver Perez, John Maine, Johan Santana, and many more. 

That is pretty much, the Mets whole core.  The team that they have been putting out their everyday is the third string team except for a couple lucky players who have stayed healthy. 

2009 will be a season highlighted by many injury's to many valuable players for the New York Metropolitans.  Everybody know's that, but the question is, is that a valid excuse for the Mets woes this season.

I say, without a doubt it is.  If you take away any teams core offensive players, along with their ace, two other starting pitchers, their setup man, and a whole lot of backup players.  I guarantee you that that teams result's will be similar to the Mets this year.

Just think of the New York Yankees losing, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, and Joba Chamberlain.  The Yankees won't be in first place, that goes for any team.

I'm not taking anything away from those teams who are contending for a spot in the playoffs.  They deserved it, and they played for it.  But, if you take away all those players where would they be?  Pretty low, right?

I come to my conclusion, and that is, that injuries are an excuse for the New York Mets crappy season.  It is really hard to be a Mets fan these days, but this year, although disappointing doesn't judge the team at all.

If the whole team was on the field healthy, except for a couple of players.  I believe, that the Mets would be contending.  But, we will never know.

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