Hamilton Tiger-Cats Drop to 4-4

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2009

I came back from vacation, and unfortunately watched the Ti-Cats choke and lose against Edmonton 31-30.

Can you say "heartbreaker?"

I only caught the fourth quarter and saw that the Ti-Cats were up 28-21. I got to see why Kevin Glenn is the backup, and I also got to see a guy have the ball bounce right off of his belly without catching it.

They actually forced a safety to go up 30-21. It looked good, until they started being inconsistent and Edmonton scored a touchdown to make it 30-28.

After a few screw-ups, the Ti-Cats forced Edmonton to attempt a 48-yard field goal. They made the try, with 48 seconds or so left.

That got me worried, and then the Ti-Cats were facing a third-and-10, in which they went for it and got a first down.

There was still hope until with 15 seconds left, when Edmonton intercepted the ball because Glenn didn't see the guy that was wide open and threw into traffic.

I don't want to dis up KG, but if it was Quinton Porter, he would have ran if he saw an opening. When Glenn saw an opening, he would go there and throw the ball into traffic and gain no yards at all.

The Ti-Cats have now dropped two in a row. The odds are in their favor to win next week's Labour Day classic versus the Toronto Argonauts, especially since the Argos are struggling and having a bad season.

We'll see if Hamilton can get back on track on Labour Day. Hopefully, the Ti-Cats go 2-0 in the games I've attended.