The Real Contenders To Break The HR Record Not Named A-Rod

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIAugust 30, 2009

Forget A-Rod he used roids here are 10 guys who are real contenders to break the HR record. Not in a any order just 10 guys.

1. Ryan Howard-29-219 HR.

No one has hit more HR to start his career off then Ryan Howard but will the age be a factor. Thanks to Jim Thome he started his career at age 24.

2. Prince Fielder-25-150 HR.

Fielder is my pick to break the record he is only 25 and already has a 50 HR season. He needs to stay healthy.

3. Albert Pujols-29-360 HR.

He could retire today and be a Hall Of Famer but he might go for the record, he's more of a hitter then a power hitter but you never know.

4. Adam Dunn-29-313 HR.

This big donkey has consistently hit 40 HR every year and who knows if he keeps doing it he might smash his way into the record books.

5. Miguel Cabrera-26-202 HR.

One of the most underrated players in baseball, Miguel might just break it the one thing that might hurt him is the ballpark he plays in right now Comerica Park.

6. Evan Longoria-23-51 HR.

I amn't the biggest Longoria guy but if he can live up to the hype he might just break the record. But the power needs to develop more and he needs to K less.

7. David Wright-26-138 HR.

Some people don't think he can put up the power numbers anymore but I truly do believe he could turn it around and be the 30 HR guy again.

8. Mark Teixeira-29-234 HR.

With that ballpark and the way it is playing now Tex has instantly become from a 30 HR guy every year to a 40 HR guy every year and you could see him making a run toward the record.

9. Ryan Braun-25-99 HR.

He has hit 30 HR in both seasons he has been in the big leagues and will do it again next year but can he do it consistently for the next decade?

10. Brain McCann-25-87 HR.

Okay, so he probably won't do it but he might give it a shot.