2008 Stanley Cup Finals Schedule Announced

Dallas Stars PodcastCorrespondent IMay 20, 2008

Not sure if you follow James Mirtle's blog (very good read, and it's hockey from around the world, not just the NHL), but if you don't you should check it out. Either way James Mirtle reports the finals schedule as follows:

Game 1: Saturday, May 24 - Pittsburgh at Detroit
Game 2: Monday, May 26 - Pittsburgh at Detroit
Game 3: Wednesday, May 28 - Detroit at Pittsburgh
Game 4: Saturday, May 31 - Detroit at Pittsburgh
Game 5: Monday, June 2 - Pittsburgh at Detroit
Game 6: Wednesday, June 4 - Detroit at Pittsburgh
Game 7: Saturday, June 7 - Pittsburgh at Detroit

Pittsburgh vs. Detorit should be an interesting series, though I'm not sure Pittsburgh can handle the Red Wings monster. Here's to a wonderful season of Hockey in the NHL!

[ The NHL Finals schedule was posted by Jay "The Wall" Leask. Jay is co-host at the Dallas Stars Podcast, also back-up drummer and part of the leadership committee for the Dallas Stars Havoc Fanatics. ]