Alabama: 2009 Prediction By Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2009

September 5, Virginia Tech; The Tide come off a disappointing season losing the SECCG and the Sugar Bowl. VT comes off of winning the ACC and the Orange Bowl. There is a big difference in these two end of season performances and it is not wins and losses. This game will be rough for the Tide, low scoring and uncomfortable. -----L

September 12, Florida International; The Tide get their head back in the game. Score is run up, yards are made, and the defense smothers the others.-----W


September 19, North Texas; It is not like North Texas lost 11 games last year,, wait they did. Okay, fall scrimmage #2. Bama rolls the Mean Green. For the second weekend in a row Star Jackson is rotated in at QB.-----W


September 26, Arkansas; After three weeks of practice, which included two glorified scrimmage games, the defense is once again put to the test. Ryan Mallet, Michael Smith and new "big" boy Broderick Green help the Hogs put some points on the board but the outcome is the same as last year.-----W


October 3, Kentucky; The strength of Kentucky last season coming into Bama was an inhibiting defense and riding a four game winning streak. Unfortunately for them they will be riding a two, home, game losing streak when the Tide comes to town. They still have Trevard "Lockdown" Lindley at corner, but lost everything else.-----W


October 10, Ole Miss; Game number six in six weeks. Ole Miss is not hype, they have talent and cohesion. However, the real strength to this team is Nutt's ability to coach them up for games like this. But, one thing everybody seems to keep forgetting about Ole Miss' six straight season ending victories last year is that they played defenses which were way more lopsided than the first half of 2008. The bad side of lopsided. It is a tough game for the Tide.-----W


October 17, South Carolina; Steve Spurrier has been trying for five years and to no avail. He will keep trying and hoping that it will be a hangover game for the Tide. I am so sorry Steve, but the Tide don't get hangovers from Ole Miss. And, you still need a quarterback. Also, who wants to lose on homecoming?-----W


October 24, Tennessee; Can someone say upset?. UT has been looking for an upset for the 2009 season and has failed on two occasions. They have a bye week coming into this game and can think of nothing else but beating the Tide in Bryant Denny Stadium. The Tide has been on the field seven weeks straight, tired, banged up and looking for some reprieve they find it in some comforting things Lane Kiffin said about stealing coaches, locking down recruiting areas and so forth. Oh, did I mention that John Crompton was quarterbacking for UT?-----W


November 7, LSU; Following a much needed bi-week rest for the team and a good period for assessing the Tigers, the Tide are back in the "hate" match. LSU hasn't lost at Bryant Denny Stadium since 1999. The Tigers come in looking impressive, but, Gary Crowten pushes his quarterback outside of his comfort zone and the Tide's defense has a hay-day on turnovers just like they have the last two seasons. And, just like last year the Tide squeak it out.-----W


November 14, Mississippi State; Dan Mullen is a good Offensive Coordinator but unfortunately doesn't have the muscle to back it up. It is late in the season and getting "Mullened" has not really caught on in 2009. The Tide have a couple of hiccups in this game but play effectively.-----W


November 21, UT Chattanooga; This is a great tune up game for the Tide. It will give some starters a needed rest and allow for some big talk about the Iron Bowl. Looking ahead would normally not be a problem with a game like this, but if the Tide doesn't have their second team in by the second quarter then looking ahead will not be their only problem.-----W


November 28, Auburn; The Tigers pride themselves on being 7-2 against the Tide at Jordan Hare Stadium. And that is about all they can rely on coming into this game. With depth issues across the board for Auburn and the Tide being told they can only win one in seven games you will see more of the same from last years Iron Bowl. Even a bi-week for Auburn want keep this game close. Maybe next year.-----W 


11-1? Really?


Realistically, the Tide could lose a couple of more games, and if McElroy were to get knocked out it is feasible that they would lose more than two. But, that should go without saying for any team.


Ad nauseam we have heard nothing but Defense being spouted out of everyone's mouth. We get it. And, that is why the Tide can make an 11-1 run.


Swing games would be VT, Ole Miss, and LSU presumably.