Our Society = Pathetic

Alister KonrathContributor IAugust 29, 2009

Michael Vick debuted Thursday night for the Eagles. And just as I expected, the Philly fans greeted him with a warm reception. In fact, they gave him a standing ovation. A fucking standing ovation! That's just great.

What the hell is wrong with people? Are we, as sports fans, so in need of our teams to win that we push aside the unforgivable acts done by certain athletes? Does scoring a touchdown make killing dogs ok? Does sacking the quarterback make killing somebody with your car (while drunk!) ok?

Let me remind you. Michael Vick premeditated the murders of many dogs. His killing wasn't an accident. He strapped his hands around the necks of dogs, strangling them until their last breath was gone. He strung rope around the dogs necks, and hung them- until dead. He kicked and beat them to death, and he held dogs heads under water until their life was gone.

If you're cool with that, and are at ease cheering for him to score a touchdown for your team, then you, like him, should be beaten and severely kicked until death takes you. Your kind of people are what's wrong with this society. Your kind of people aren't smart enough to realize that the people you are cheering for don't care about you. Your kind of people are so brainwashed to believe that you need to care about them that you over-look the heinous crimes that your heroes commit.

The Animal Humane Society made Michael Vick their spokesperson. Their fucking spokesperson! That is how ass-backwards our society is. The belief that by making him their spokesperson, he's changed his way, is ridiculous. It should be the complete opposite. He should be ostracized by the Humane Society, not embraced! But that's what people believe. The Animal Humane Society believes that!

I understand the love of sports. I have it, more than some, no doubt. But I refuse to get trapped into thinking that because somebody scores a touchdown, I should forgive the unforgivable.

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