Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers Still Starts at Quarterback

Trent AldermanCorrespondent IMay 20, 2008

The recent loss of Packers Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre has raised a lot of questions in Green Bay, Wisc.  Can Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to an 2008-09 playoff berth?  Will the Packers even win eight games?  The answer: yes. 

Rodgers showed great poise against the Dallas defense in Week 13, racking up 200 passing yards with a 69.2 completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 104.8.  More importantly, he kept GB in the game till the end. 

Rodgers has been coached by arguably the best quarterback ever.  He's been blessed with one of the best receiving corps in the NFL, led by Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.  He knows the offense very well and could emerge as the best QB in the NFC North next year, competing against Tarvaris Jackson, Jon Kitna, and either Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton, none of which have proven that they can compete for the Division title. 

Some say that maybe the answer is in one of the recently acquired rookies, Brian Brohm (Louisville) or Matt Flynn (LSU).  Having watched both players closely, I've come to admire their unique and complementary playing styles.  They've both proven themselves to be good quarterbacks.

Having said this, Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers' starting QB next year in their first game against the Bengals.  I have faith in Rodgers' ability to lead Green Bay to another playoff berth and possibly a Super Bowl spot.