Big WWE News: WWE Going After TNA and ROH Talent?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 29, 2009

It is obvious that the WWE is not the only promotion out there with a ton of great talent.

In fact, some believe TNA and ROH has the best wrestlers, its just that the WWE has a lot more money and is better business wise, which is why their wrestlers are far more famous than a lot of ROH and TNA talent.

The WWE knows that this is true, which is why they are going after a lot of this talent. As I have mentioned in a previous article, ROH is starting to go out of business. This is one reason one of their wrestlers, Brian Danielson, left for the WWE.

He didn't sign a developmental deal according to reports, but an actual full-fledged WWE Contract like anyone on a main roster.

This means that the WWE feels he is good enough to bypass the WWE's developmental program. He is considered the best wrestler in the world, so it makes sense.

Some were skeptical about the signing, because many think he doesn't have the look the WWE likes.

The fact is, the WWE recognizes the greatness he brings to the ring. Sure, he doesn't have the look they like, but, it's possible that they could change the "WWE Look" in the future.

The WWE has expressed interest in signing at least 4 or 5 of ROH's talent too. It is not punishment for ROH moving to Monday Nights, like many idiots are thinking.

I mean seriously, they are on an hour before RAW, and they are on HDNet. They are no competition whatsoever.

The fact is, Vince McMahon knows ROH is struggling financially, and the wrestlers there are going to need jobs. The talent they have produced in the last 10 years has been tremendous.

He sees the talent, and knows they will leave for the WWE if given a contract. There is a rumor that the WWE has been asking about Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, Nigel McGuiness, and Brent Albright.

All have the WWE look except for Jacobs. So, while he would fit into the the WWE talent and image wise, he may be a bit small. Of course, if the WWE signed Danielson, then they probably could care less about size if they are good in the ring and on the mic.

It is possible all of these names will be changed in the WWE, but some feel they won't because the names already have a nice following.

Many people feel a guy like Tyler Black may get a different name because he is the youngest out of the group, and even though he has a nice following, he could still be ok with a new name. 

A guy like Brent Albright could experience a name change, mainly because he is not as well known as the others.

A guy like McGuinness has been on the Pro-Wrestling Top 100 list for years now, and he held on to the ROH World Title for close to two years before dropping it. Many feel his name will stay the same.

These men are all rumored to be getting contracts from the WWE, but of course nothing has been set in stone.

A guy many think should get a shot in the WWE would be Austin Aries. He is the only 2 time ROH World Champion and has had experience in TNA. He is good enough to be in the WWE, so I would think the WWE is interested.

He burnt many bridges in TNA, so its unlikely he would go back if he needed a job. So, the WWE would be a great place to go. He is another smaller guy, but he has a ton of wrestling ability.

I think the WWE would be crazy not to at least give him a try out. However, many have mentioned he has a bit of an attitude problem, which won't fly in the WWE, especially for a new guy. So, if he works on that, he could be a great WWE Superstar.

There is another rumor that the WWE is looking into a lot of TNA's talent, but feels many of them won't leave. 

However, LAX member Homicide has been asking for his release for well over a month now. He is very upset that they split he and Hernandez up, and just doesn't get why he and the big man can't still be together.

I don't get it either, I mean you can keep them together and still have them pursue a singles career too.

Many internally are saying that he has been upset since Hernandez came back and they were suddenly split, which is why TNA let him win the X-Division Title and hold onto it for a little while. However, it wasn't as long as say, Suicide's or other wrestler's reigns.

It is kind of like what the WWE did with Jeff Hardy, they gave him a title in an effort for him to stay. Homicide is still upset with TNA and wants to leave. I don't think TNA can force him to be there.

If you ask me, when a wrestler is forced, he usually doesn't produce well. Sure, he still goes out and competes, but he doesn't put his all into it. Sometimes that can be dangerous, and on top of that it makes the TNA product look bad.

They are better off releasing him rather than keeping an upset, non-producing, slacker around in the back, racking up cash.

There is no rumor or fact from the WWE if they are interested in Homicide. But, he is a great wrestler who could help out the Hispanic viewership.

Now that Rey Mysterio made himself look bad by getting suspended for violating the Wellness Policy, he won't have the impact as he once had if you ask me. So, because Homicide is already a big name there, he could really help them out. 

I feel that the WWE should look into acquiring him, because he could really do well there. That is, if TNA will let him out of his contract.

The WWE has enough money to pay anyone to come in, of course the talent have to want to work in the WWE though. Will the ROH Talent the WWE is interested in want to come to the WWE?

We may think if the WWE offers them a contract they would jump on it, but some may think about going to TNA or somewhere else.

My Questions to you are, who should the WWE go after not mentioned here? AND who do you think out of the rumored talent being offered contracts will actually come to the WWE?