William Regal Falls Short of Royalty: Another WWE Suspension

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IMay 20, 2008

By now you know that William Regal has been served his second wellness suspension this week. That explains his "loser get fired" loss to Mr. Kennedy on RAW. This time he will be gone 60 days. I think it should be longer.

I am not calling for Regal to be fired for real, but like Jeff Hardy and so many other in Pro Wrestling today, he has had a long history of substance abuse. He needs real help. Simply keeping him off TV is a severe punishment for performers who work their way up to that level of the business. Punishment is not what these wrestlers need. Instead, they need serious help before they are allowed to return to the road life that is so tempting.

I do not and will not blame the business for the drug problems of the individual performers. But if they cannot stay away from the bad habits that the lifestyle can bring maybe for their own good they should look into a new career. Most high-level pro wrestlers grew up loving it and that makes it hard to walk away. But maybe Regal and others should take long looks at where their live are going before they end up a statistic used on Nancy Grace.

It is ironic that Regal went out losing to Mr.Kennedy who himself just recently served a wellness suspension. Lets hope that Regal will get his life straight first before jumping back in and coming back right away.

One thing that I was encouraged about when Jeff Hardy came back was that the WWE almost let him talk about it on Raw before Regal, of all people, cut him off for gimmick purposes. Maybe, just maybe, the wellness program will have a little more sting if they were open about it right there on TV. No gimmicks, no injuries. Just come out and say this is why you wont see William Regal or whoever for 30 days.

Vince Mcmahon has started this program in the right direction, lets all hope it keeps going that way. I know I do not want to see Regal or anyone else on Marc Mero's list.