UFC 102: Do Or Die Fight Previews

Ken FossAnalyst IAugust 29, 2009

In MMA let's face it: the UFC is the sun, and everybody else is just a celestial body orbiting it. If your a fighter nobodies going to pay you more, get you more exposure and build your name value.

For all the negatives that routinely get passed around, this is the unfortunate truth. As far as Strikeforce has come, this isn't boxing, you don't control the world by owning rights to the number one heavyweight.

This means that at UFC 102 later tonight with a good amount of last chance fights on the card a lot of peoples careers as far as the casual fan is concerned will come to an end.

Let's preview them shall we.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Evan Dunham

Consistently inconsistent Marcus Aurelio is on fill-in role duty coming off his two wins on the independent scene, he faces an obvious win and stay situation. That being said the 36yr old is being fed to a prospect here.

Even if Aurelio at this point in time is a better fighter, he'll fittingly lose a split decision, and be sent packing once again.


Nick Catone vs. Mark Muñoz

While Mark Munoz spent the majority of the time in the run up to this fight looking for his head which was brutally launched somewhere into the rafters of Nationwide Arena, Nick Catone was busy falling into a Tim Creduer guillotine.

This is about as classic a loser leaves town situation as it gets.

Look for Nick Catone to stuff his opponents takedowns en route to getting sweet revenge with a guillotine choke of his own, sending Munoz packing.


Justin McCully vs. Mike Russow

Everyones favorite "badass" Justin McCully looks to keep himself in the UFC, by defeating Adrenaline MMA veteran, and off duty police officer Mike Russow.

This right here is confirmation of how sad and pathetic the UFC Heavyweight division is. The fact that a man can work his way into an organization such as the UFC by defeating Jason Guida, and Braden Bice is just hilarious.

Needless to say I have Justin McCully living to be keylocked from mount another day. 


Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Chris Tuchscherer

Napao is in real trouble of being a Strikeforce fighter if he doesn't take care of buisness against YAMMA: Pit Fighting, and Dakota Fighting Championships standout Chris Tuchscherer.

While the Division-II All-American will hold a sizable wrestling advantage, Gonzaga is a threat to finish him both vertically and horizontally, his best tact maybe to push Gonzaga up against the fence and grind out a result.

I just can't see Gabriel being bullied like that for long, baring Randy Couture comes out of the crowd and hitting him with a steel chair or something.

I've got Napao rocking the human eye chart sometime in the second and finishing the fight with some dominating GnP.


Chris Leben vs. Jake Rosholt

Another loser leaves town fight has Chris Leben finishing off the mystique of the once media darling Rosholt.

This isn't really a fight anybody should have to be subjected to on PPV, but you will. Joe Rogan will slurp him up some Chris Leben tonight as he easily rear naked chokes the overmatched Jake Rosholt.


Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva

From Co-Main Event to out the door, is the scenario Keith Jardine in my opinion faces, a loss tonight would be the final nail in his bid of being a totally mediocre LHW, and the UFC doesn't do mediocre in the LHW division.

He maybe able to save himself if he loses by announcing a move up or down in weight class, but I don't see him making said move.

From what we have on these fighters I'm giving an edge to Thiago Silva, we all know both of these fighters have mediocre chins and Silva's power will more then expose that. If Jardine takes it to the ground this fight maybe a total unknown, as Jardine's never really been on the ground at any point in his career.

I have Silva winning this fight by way of decision.