Are We Too Tough On JaMarcus Russell ? I Think So Heres Why

george lopezCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

Raider Nation I just checked my mail today and found ESPN NFL Preview Magazine in the magizine i found some interesting things.

JaMarcus Russell was the first pick in the 2007 Nfl Draft and ever since then JaMarcus has had a huge monkey on his back.  Raider Nation are we to tough on him because here are some interesting facts.

Last year was Russell rookie year basically.  He had 8 games among the season where he had a 85 plus passer rating.  Joe Flacco only had seven nobody complained about his play.  Matt Ryan only had nine he was a great QB according to everyone.

I know he struggled at the beginning of the season but he improved look at these numbers from week 11 to 17.

Russell Flacco Ryan

Comp/Att          93/152     106/185     116/184

Yards 1,134        1,322        1,531

Touchdowns    7              7              5

Interceptions        4              5              6

Passer Ratings     88.5          81            84.8

I would like to thank ESPN for bringing this to my attention, after week 10 Russell progressed alot.

This is our year