Adam Everett Tanking for Twins: Please, Spare Us!

AlexAnalyst IMay 20, 2008

With Alexi Casilla and Nick Punto both hitting well (Punto up until his injury), and Adam Everett getting worse with each at-bat, when will Twins' fans finally be saved from watching an automatic out every ninth hitter?

Nick Punto was playing well in the week of his injury. He had a few big games and collected all of his seven RBI in two separate games.

The injury struck and the chance of Everett going to the bench and Punto to the lineup was lost.

Now, Alexi Casilla is up and playing well. His first game didn't go as planned, but his last two have showed us flashes of the top prospect we had previously heard about.

Yesterday, Casilla bombed a three-run homerun over the baggy with two outs in the inning to give the Twins the lead. Through this writing, Casilla has collected two hits, a walk and two more RBI to give him a total of five RBI in just three games.

With Everett hitting just .186 and his defense not making up for the automatic out (four errors), will the Twins soon make the change?

Everett is simply taking up a roster spot that someone like Denard Span or Brian Buscher could fill.

More so, if Casilla is truly the future, it's time the Twins give him a shot.