We Have To Kill It To Save It: Fixing the BCS

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We Have To Kill It To Save It: Fixing the BCS
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The Condo Plan                                                               

Here’s how it works… 

1. There will be an eight-team playoff. I will pick the teams. You do not need to worry about bias; I guarantee there will be some. I will use the polls, the computers, the conference champions, and strength of schedule to a slight degree, but it will come down to games we all deserve to see.

2. The games will be played at the 24 greatest college stadiums. The stadiums will not be chosen based on airport locations, luxury boxes, and corporate sponsorship. Seating capacity will be a factor, but tailgating is a must. After all, it is college football. And one more thing: This will not be limited to warm weather sites.

3. There will be no seeding. I will pick the eight teams and they all start with the same ranking: “IN THE PLAYOFFS”. No team will be No. 8 and have to listen to all the crap from some idiot who has them No. 9 or lower on his list. The pairings for Round One will be pulled blind from a hat (the bias ends once you get in).

4. You will love this one too; the sites will be randomly selected. No home field advantage unless it is by coincidence. We will pull seven sites from the hat and place them on the bracket after we select the teams. So USC may play a game in Pasadena, Calif., but they may instead travel to State College, Penn.

5. There will be no Tostitos, Allstate, Gatorade, GMC, McDonald’s, or any type of sponsorship associated with the games. It’s all about the football.

So there you have the perfect solution. All the factors have been considered and solutions provided. I’ll wait for the call from the NCAA. Considering what a cash cow the men’s basketball tournament has become, I'll expect to be contacted shortly.

Submitted by Guest Blogger: Condo


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