Exclusive Clip: R&R With Ms. Marina

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

Coming Soon, from the creators of "Inside the Mind of Dr. Hayley" comes a series that my mom calls "cool, fresh, dramatic, and down-right adorable!" You have been one of the chosen few to see this exclusive clipping. Enjoy.


Now, that I finally got a day to myself away from the madness that is Dr. Hayley's office, I'm off to the nail salon!

As I sit in the pink salon chair waiting for my custom RKO nail job, I hear "Voices" coming from somewhere. I bob my head along to it until I realize my phone is ringing!

Me: Hello? (I quickly realize its my real estate agent, Craig.)

Craig: Hello, Marina. I called to let you know that the property you were eyeing is available to be looked at right now.

Me: Craig, that's great! I'll be over there faster than you can punt an old man!

I dash out the door not realizing my nail job was only half done. As I drive down the road, I think 'What would Randy do if he landed on the moon?'

After pondering that thought, I take a sip out of my almond white-chocolate latte, and pull up to this building I had hopes of buying. It was a dusty, abandoned old building. I think people say it used to be an old insane asylum.

Me: Craig, how much is this place selling for?

Craig: I believe it sells for *looks over clipboard* $750.

Me: Really? That's great! Isn't it beautiful?

Craig: Um...Well, it's quite something.

Me: It sure is! You know i've always wanted to open a spa.

Craig: You said that last month when you were trying open that gas station, or the month before that when you tried to open that retirement home.

Me: You know what? You are so right! I have so much dreams including being a talk-show host, being married to Randy Orton, being a nurse, being an astronaut...*keeps talking*

Craig just has this exasperated and annoyed look on his face like he was dealing with an annoying five-year-old child who wouldn't shut up.

Me: Did I say that I wanted to be married to Randy Orton?

Craig: YES! You said that five times!

Me: Ok well put down on that overly-priced clipboard of yours that I want to buy this place!

As I drive away of the estate, I was thinking 'Who invented baby oil?' I take another sip of my now-cold latte, and then it came to me.

Me: Duh! Randy did! How could I be so stupid?


Please keep in mind that this is fiction. Based purely on my imagination. If you happen to find my missing laptop, please return it to Dr. Hayley's office ASAP.

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment and rate. Hopefully you "liked" it!