PIRATE GENESIS: Are The Buc's Beginning To Turn The Ship Around?

Paul BaronnerContributor IAugust 28, 2009

Tonight the Pirates finished a three game set against the Phillies. The Bucco's took two out of three from the world champs. They've won seven out of nine, including taking a series from the Brewers; something that hasn't happened in a long time.

Are the Pirates beginning to right the ship on the field? Maybe....like a big ocean liner (no, not the Titanic) the turn may be a long and wide one, but it will definitely happen. Because of the amount of talent they are acquiring, in my mind, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

What impressed me the most in this series was how the starting pitching and much of the bullpen held this murderers row of a lineup in check the way they did. Ten runs in three games is not too shabby against this group. Garrett Jones is the real deal, as is Andrew McCutchen. Soon we will get our first glimpse of Matt Clement. We definitely need his power in the everyday lineup. I'm hoping sometime next year we can get Pedro Alvarez to take his rightful spot on the Pittsburgh roster.

I think we can begin to feel safe in rooting for this group, generally speaking. I know more changes than normally should be, are going to take place, but now are not normal times. Once they get several more players up from the minors or through trades, we will have more continuity as far as the everyday roster is concerned, the changes will then become occasional instead of continual as they have been recently, but the Pirates do have a small core that they can build around and one we can cheer for.

I may be jumping the gun when it comes to wins and losses, but I believe we have "some" of the components on this roster, that when paired with a little more talent will bring winning baseball back to Pittsburgh soon.