Finding Shaun Alexander

Brad S.Correspondent IMay 20, 2008

Where has the 2005 NFL MVP gone? It always looked like he was trying to avoid being hurt by falling down before he got hit hard. And yet just three years later the Seahawks released him.

Well I have found him. He is in a suburban, predominantly white, neighborhood. He spends his days in his mansion, never leaving, paying local youth to do his shopping, and watching white kids play football outside of his house. The kids catch a glimpse of him every once in a while and he quickly ducks back into the shadows, not wanting anyone to see his disgrace.

Until one day, a white kid named Nick threw a football into his window, shattering glass all over the place. You see, Nick is a bookworm who gets straight A's in school but he has a secret hidden talent: he has a great throwing arm. But he is ashamed of this talent.  His friends aren't very good at football and they don't think much of the sport.

At first Shaun was furious, he started shouting curses out the window when he was suddenly left unable to speak. Nick was standing at least seventy yards away to afraid to move. "Son, get over here!" Shaun yelled at the top of his lungs. Nick had never actualy talked anyone other than white people before but he had seen black people talking on TV so he thought he would try. "Yo what up Dawg, that's my bad." Nick said. "What the hell did you just say to me?" Shaun asked angrily. "Nothing." Nick said meekly.

Once Shawn and Nick got over their differences a friendship was soon started. Shaun told Nick that it was OK to be smart and play football at the same time. He convinced Nick to join the football team, Recruiters were soon after Nick, labeling him as a prodigy at the QB position. Unfortunately Shaun died of AIDS a couple of years latter just as Nick was getting offers from LSU, Ohio State, and USC. Shaun left him the keys to his house and all of his football stuff.