Brian Mitchell's Comeuppance

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Brian Mitchell's Comeuppance

The way Brian Mitchell carries on like he’s the King of All Things Tough, you would naturally assume that his mouth and his lack of size have cost him at several points in his life.

Courtesy of Mister Irrelevant and the National Football Post, I present to you one of those moments:

Next, special teams return ace Brian Mitchell got in on the jawing with Curtis. Next thing you know, Curtis blows his top and goes after Mitchell. Other players get involved restraining Buckley from going after Mitchell. Then Mitchell and the others start laughing at Buckley.

Big mistake.

Buckley points at Mitchell and says (word-for-word as witnessed by several players and coaches): “I am going to knock you out.” Not once, but several times.

Mitchell calmly replies, “Bring it.”

Sure enough, on the opening kickoff, Curtis runs the Redskins' gauntlet, trips, gets up, and finds Mitchell and then launches his 200-pound body into the heavier projectile going in the opposite direction with the ball.

Their collision sounds more like an explosion. The ball is jarred loose, and Mitchell is knocked out cold on his feet. A nearby Redskins playerI believe it was Martin Baylessmstops in his tracks at the sound, fearing that Mitchell was dead. Later, he said he heard the breath leave Brian’s body and felt the vibration of the hit.

Buckley gets up with the ball, turns to an unconscious Mitchell and says, “I told you I would knock you out.”

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is the classic 1994 silent film classic, “Brian Mitchell’s Comeuppance.”

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