BREAKING NEWS: The Nugget's 4th Big Man Is...

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2009

The Denver Nuggets are bringing back Johan Petro according to the Denver Post.  The Nuggets rejected Petro's 2.8 million dollar qualifying offer so the deal is most likely going to be for less than that according to Chris Thomasson of

This isn't the "sexy" move Denver fans were expecting in a Jeff Foster or Marc Gasol, but Petro is a good insurance policy for Denver if one of their bigs were to go down. 

Petro is 7 foot, 250 pounds and only 24 years old.  He has shown signs of athleticism, but is still inconsistent and as of last year ins't good enough to crack the rotation.  If he has improved from last year he could compete with Malik Allen and Renaldo Balkman for 10-15 min a night and the last spot in the bench rotation.

I don't expect Denver.....

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