Welcome Back, Kevin Durant?

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IAugust 27, 2009

One of the great things about the Twitter generation of media is the last members staying afloat in mainstream media get to pop off on random rumors and innuendo. None are more gratifying than this ominous Tweet from @danshanoff:

What I learned from Barry Farms: Kevin Durant bolting OKC for DC in 2012 is the new LeBron bolting Cleveland for NYC in 2010. Mark it down about 17 hours ago from the web.

Hypothetically, it would take a lot of defections for this to work. The wild assumption for 2012 is an Antawn Jamison retirement, Brendan Haywood having signed with another team, and that Andray Blatche will have shucked and jived his way out of the NBA.

There’s still the minor issue of balancing the salaries of Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler with the arrival of Seat Pleasant’s finest, all while still in their annual pursuit of a Ben Wallace reincarnate. I’ll surely leave the logistical portions of this fantasy to the stats analysis gurus of Wizards Nation, but yes: mark it down, indeed.