Jerry Jones Wants to See Mat McBriar At Cowboys HQ: NOW!

Mimi McCannCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2009

SHREVEPORT, LA - AUGUST 21:  Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys during a preseason game against the New Orleans Saints on August 21, 2006 at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Mat McBriar, you have lost your mind! You already hit the screen at the sparkling new Cowboys Stadium, now you add insult to injury saying that you were not consulted about its height? 

What on Earth possessed you, the Cowboys punter, to pipe up about the height of the screen in the Dallasium?

U2 are playing a concert at the stadium on October 12th. U2's staff were consulted about the height of the screen for their gig. Maybe you should have a word about it to Bono because he's about the only guy that Jerry Jones may listen to.

I would be willing to bet that Tony Romo would take the blame for an architectural oversight rather than blabber about not being consulted about the height of the giant T.V. during the building of the Cowboys Stadium.

Mat, you are a punter! Punters are not consulted by Jerry Jones. Wade Phillips is not consulted by Jerry Jones!

You are on thin ice.

Thank God that you are no longer the highest paid punter in the league, that would have added to the size of the target on your back for being another overpaid media whore on the Cowboys' roster.

If I were you right now, I would still be taking good care of that foot that was fractured when your punt was blocked by the Cardinals Sean Morey, handing Arizona a 30-24 victory in OT on October 12, 2008.

Maybe even more than the foot, I'd be keeping my head down and dealing with getting back onto the field after suffering your first major injury.

Your estimation of hitting the screen 50 percent of the time is nowhere near as good as the percentage of times you connect your foot to your mouth in the preseason.

Jerry doesn't like to lose.

Remember what happened to T.O.? Even Bill Parcells was not allowed to call the shots in the Big D.

If you are able to run from the 15 seconds of fame that the Cowboys Stadium has bestowed upon you, you may be safe. Just don't say another word.

Jerry Jones has been unavailable for comment about the screen height, you should follow suit.

Somehow I can't see you sitting at a podium in a red leather jacket and wrap around shades, trying to look like a team player, crying that it is not fair to criticize the palace in Dallas.

You've had your nanosecond in the sun, now run for the shadows if you know what's good for you.