An NFL Secret: The Johnson Factor

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 20, 2008

Everywhere you look in the NFL there are guys who proudly wear the name Johnson on their backs. It's a name that stands for champion and victory. It's the difference between a win or a loss. The Johnson factor is a spiritual power that gives their team the ability to do things that otherwise are not possible. The name Johnson is like gaining the powers of a god.

I know some of you might be confused right now thinking, but my team doesn't have any Johnsons and they still win. It's because the factor expands beyond just the players and can be given by coaches and the fans. Every Johnson has a different level of power though. Someone like Charles Johnson, DE of the Panthers, might not help your team much but someone like Larry Johnson, when he's healthy, carries a huge Johnson factor.

I know what you're thinking if you're a Bengals fan right now, my team has so many Johnsons I can barely count them: how could they suck? It's simple, Johnson overload. The key to the Johnson factor is to have the perfect amount, so trading Chad Johnson might be the key to balance your team out and send them back to the playoffs.

Last year the Patriots had a very strong season because of the dedicated fans with the last name Johnson. But for you Giants fans who went to the game, you gave them enough Johnson to take them down and I applaud you for that.

So the next time you're thinking of not going to the game and you have the last name Johnson, think again, because it's you that wins the game.